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Google Adwords Sample PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns such as Google AdWords or Microsoft Adcenter is a vital part of successful Internet marketing.

This is defined as keyword advertising, and it is the most targeted and accountable form of marketing. It can be initiated quickly and it is one of the most efficient ways of driving quality traffic to a website. But, if not managed correctly, it can become extremely expensive in a very short period of time.

It's more than getting click traffic, it is about converting that traffic into sales. Constant management of your adword campaigns is a must. Testing ads, tracking visitors, keyword reviews and current search trends all need to be monitored.

We undertake extensive keyword research using the latest software and tools to determine what people are typing in to search engines to find products and services similar to yours. We also look at your competitor's site(s) to find search terms they are using.

Keyword phrase research is by far the most important aspect of any Search Engine Optimization initiative. This is the process of selecting the most “optimum performance” keyword phrases that visitors will use to find your site. The keyword here is “visitors”. Often we find that visitors will refer to a product or services differently than those that actual provide the product or service. An example of this would be a company may refer to the products they print as “labels” while the end user may call them “stickers”. Even if the site achieves high search engine rankings, you may not get relevant traffic if you select the wrong keywords. Also, it is important to know volume of searches for a particular keyword or phrase.

Optimal FX can develop a campaign that will bring qualified traffic with a higher conversion rate through proper keyword selection, geographic targeting and campaign implementation.