Website Design and Development

Your Website is often the first contact you have with a prospective customer or client. When a visitor comes to your site, you have less than a minute for the site to download and convince the user to stay. Studies continue to show that the single thing most likely to convince the visitor to remain on your site is aesthetics, how your site looks.

Need a Website?
  We take the time to understand your vision and needs.

LevelOne DomainsA solid web presence has never been more important and yet few businesses view their website as an asset that can take them into the future. With the opportunity to reach a targeted market area; local, regional, nation or global information about your brand and its range of products/services can be easily accessible. Properly managed, your website increases your presence in the market and give you a competitive advantage.

Each of our custom website designs presents the client's competitive advantage and individuality to the visitor, yet remains clear and informative. With Optimal FX, not only will you receive quality design services, you will also get an aesthetically pleasing website.

A website has to be built around Search Engine Optimization requirements. If the search engine spiders can not crawl the site, the content is useless. Flash, Frames, JavaScript, or poor coding can make a web page difficult for the spiders to crawl.

With the right web design, supported by other marketing initiatives such as search engine optimization, your website will lead people to you.

Web design is much more than delivering a product that looks nice. Although that is important, other factors including structure, usability, accessibility and the online habits of your target audience also need to be considered. We evaluate these and many more requirements when creating a design concept. Our design strategy also includes search engine optimization from the start, it is the foundation of a successful web presence.

While developing your website plan, we will discuss your business model, your target market and will develop strategic techniques to implement that will motivate your visitors to act.

Website Development Should Include:

  ⟩⟩ Xhtml and CSS Compliant Design
  ⟩⟩ Search Engine Optimization
  ⟩⟩ Market / Competitor Research
  ⟩⟩ Message Testing / Ad Optimization
  ⟩⟩ Lead Generation / Tracking
  ⟩⟩ Landing / Push Page Generation
  ⟩⟩ PPC Campaign / Management
  ⟩⟩ Website Tracking / Site Analytics