Landing Page Design & Optimization

Optimized Landing Pages can be very effective lead generators, improving the quality of the click and increasing the conversion rate.

The Importance of Landing Pages

What is a Landing Page? - A page where a user is directed to after clicking a link or ad. It could be a special information page, your home page or any other page.

What is the Purpose of the Landing Page? To convince the visitor to perform a Call to Action.
   ›› Signup for a service
   ›› Fill out a form
   ›› Make a purshase
   ›› Request more information
   ›› Take a survey

A well planned landing page will almost always result in better conversion rates than the home page of your site. Why? The information is highly focused on delivering the message, closing the deal. Visitors can get to distracted with all of the navagation and general information on the home page.

It is best to create several versions of a landing page. This allows you to do A-B testing, to fine tune your message and achieve higher conversions.